Boy A

Andrew Garfield is getting a lot of buzz at the moment as the new Spiderman for the 2012 Summer release. Plus he garnered well-deserved praise for his performance in The Social Network.

But if you want to see a tour-de-force performance, check him out in Boy A, a melancholy story about a young man trying to re-enter society after many years in a psychiatric prsion.  As a boy, he had (willingly or unwillingly) participated in a shocking crime.

The film is interesting in that way that most somewhat arty introspective independent films are but it is Garfield’s amazingly vulnerable performance puts this film in another, higher category.


Kick Ass Cinema launched!

I’ve been a film addict for about 46 years (I’m 49 now).

I spent a lot of time in my teens and twenties (and thirties and forties) watching a lot of crap and a small percentage of quality stuff.  I probably watched 90% crap and 10% worthwhile stuff.  And I’m talking thousands of movies.  In my twenties, when I should have been enjoying my good health and svelte figure, I was watching six movies on Saturday.

Like many people, I like a little crap, but time is short and I want to know I’m going to watch some crap (American Ninja, yeah!) and not think I am about to watch something great and discover in the first 15 minutes that its actually mediocre or worse.

With this in mind, I started keeping a list back in 2002 (when I first got Netflix).  A list of movies I think are undeniably great and others that are great within certain qualifications.

Examples of undeniably great would be the musical Once or the classic action film Charlie Varrick.

Examples of qualified great movies would be Return of the Living Dead (do you like dark low-budget horror if its smart and funny?) or Fist of Legend (do you like martial arts movies if have good production values,  good acting, and amazing fights?)

So this site is my attempt to offer the reader a little quality control.  Everything I review on this site will be (in my opinion, obviously!) at least a four star (out of five) movie or TV show.

I will rate each movie using this five star system.  I will also include a visitor rating system so you can chime in with your opinion and visitors can get the benefit of the social network to balance my view.

However, I have found that movie ratings are relative to genre.  If you like certain genres, you kind of grade on a curve.

For instance, in addition to mainstream cinema (which I love) I really like martial arts movies, horror movies, cartoons, and so on.  A four star horror movie might only be a two and a half or three star movie in regular terms.  I’m willing to overlook cheap production values or some bad acting here and there if overall the movie delivers on its genre expectations.  Was I scared?  Did it have special quality that just made me love it?

So – these are my parameters.

My other aim is to keep it short and not be long-winded.  My reviews (unlike this preamble!) will be brief and too the point and will contain no spoilers.

My last qualification is I don’t want to comment on obvious or widely known films. I won’t review The Dark Knight or the big films of the Summer. My goal is to bring to light films that deserve a look. I want to this site to be a resource where people can come find films they might not otherwise have discovered. So, I will talk about older films that have stood the test of time, or small movies that merit attention, and cult films and oddities that are genuinely good.

Everything on this site, of course, is IMO (In My Opinion).

I hope you enjoy it.